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OMA Steering Committee

The OMA Steering Committee consists of ten members: three camp directors, two associate camp staff person, one theologian, one district executive, two volunteers, a representative of the denomination and the treasurer. Committee members, except for the district executive and denominational representative, serve three year terms.

There is no limit to the number of terms a committee member may serve. Committee Members may not serve more than two consecutive terms, except for the Treasurer, who is ex officio. The terms of the committee members are staggered so that not more than three members' terms expire in any one year. The representative for the district executives is appointed by the Church of the Brethren's Council of District Executives annually. The denominational representative is appointed by the Congregational Life Team Office.

The Steering Committee has at least three business meetings each year: one in the spring, one in the fall and one in November at the Annual OMA Retreat. The Steering Committee may call special meetings if the need arises.

The Steering Committee will present a slate of interested nominees for open Steering Committee positions at the November OMA Business Meeting held during the Annual OMA Retreat. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the Meeting. OMA Members vote on the slate at the November OMA Business Meeting.


Members of the 2017 OMA Steering Committee are:
Top Row: Jan Hurst (Volunteer), Linetta Ballew (Director), Bekah Houff (Volunteer)
Middle Row: Pete Haynes (Theologian), Randall Westfall (Director), Brian Bert (Assoc. Staff)
Bottom Row: Josh Brockway (Denominational Rep.), Rex Miller (Treasurer)
Not Pictured: Debbie Eisenbise (Denom. Rep.), Shannon Kahler (Director), Bruce Holderreed (Dist. Exec.)           


The Steering Committee oversees:

  • The OMA Financial Reports and OMA Financial Accounts and Endowments
  • The OMA Newsletter and Website
  • A Mentoring Program for New Camp Staff
  • Camp and Individual Memberships
  • Representation of OMA and Church of the Brethren Camps at Annual Conference through a Luncheon, Insight Sesson and/or other Activities
  • Representation of OMA and Church of the Brethren Camps at the National Jr. High, Youth, Young Adult and Older Adult Conferences
  • An Appointed Representative to the National Council of Christian Churches Outdoor Ministries Curriculum Committee
  • An Appointed Representative to the ACMNP: A Christian Ministry in the National Parks
  • An Appointed Representative to the Youth Peace Travel Team Committee
  • The Annual OMA Staff and Volunteer Awards
  • The Annual OMA Environmental Grant Program
  • The Annual OMA Advertisement in the Messenger
  • Distributing OMA and Camp Materials to the Church of the Brethren Archives in Elgin, IL
  • The Annual OMA National Retreat
  • Any other Duties as are deemed appropriate and necessary by the OMA Steering Committee and its Membership