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Fall 2017

Why is Church Camp Important

I truly believe that every child should spend time at church camp during the summer - but then again - I'm a camp director. I am also a parent. As a parent I want my children to experience as many positive experiences as possible during their growing-up years. These experiences include, but are not limited to: Sunday School, 4-H, music drama, sports, travel, youth group activities, reading, school clubs, art, marching band and much more. What I appreciate most about church camp is it allows young people to encounter Christ, live in a community of like-minded peers, sing new songs, play games, tackle challenges, see new places, and experience adventures like climbing the tower, canoeing on the lake or riding a zip-line. These activities teach life lessons and make for life-long memories and friendships in a Christ-centered, faith based community.


There are many opportunities for our children and grandchildren to take part in during the summer – but none as holistic, and life-changing as church camp. As the result of a church camp experiences many students return to camp in leadership roles, attend Brethren colleges, enter Brethren Volunteer Service, go into ministry as a vocation, and choose to work in service areas such as education & social work. I have seen it countless times in my district. Kids that go to church camp are more connected to their home church, their district and to the denomination. This is exciting! This is why I am committed to outdoor ministry! Camp changes lives, leaders are born and the teachings of Christ proclaimed.

To discover what's happening at your favorite Church of the Brethren camp, or to sign up for summer camp, visit the Brethren Camp's webpage and click onto your camp's link. – Jerri Heiser Wenger - Camp Blue Diamond


What is OMA? Become a Member!

OMA is the Outdoor Ministries Association of the Church of the Brethren. The Mission of OMA is to 'Connect, enliven and support the dynamic ministries of the Church of the Brethren Camps'. Toward completing this mission OMA provides for the 28 Church of the Brethren camps, their employees, OMA Friends and the general membership of the Church of the Brethren:

  • An annually held educational and recreational retreat for camp employees and friends held each November
  • Educational events and materials for the Church of the Brethren Annual Conference attendees
  • A mentoring program pairing new camp professionals with seasoned camp veterans
  • OMA-Z: A written guide for camp employees pertaining to outdoor ministry in the Church of the Brethren
  • A newsletter is sent to camp employees and OMA members
  • Scholarships for camp employees to attend the OMA National Retreat or receive higher education
  • Grants for Environmental Projects occuring at Church of the Brethren camps and congregations
  • Annual awards for outstanding camp staff and camp volunteers
  • Funding and scheduling for the Youth Peace Travel Team
  • Representation on the Board of the ACMNP: A Christian Ministry in the National Parks
  • Representation on the interdenominational summer camp curriculum board.

OMA is funded by membership fees paid by Church of the Brethren camps and friends of outdoor ministry. If you believe strongly in the importance of church camp and outdoor ministry, OMA invites you to become a friend of OMA by completing the OMA Membership Form . To find out what is happening now in OMA, check out the most recent copy of the OMA Newsletter.